September 5, 2008

This party happened on facebook, but I thought I could give ya’ll who haven’t gotten with the facebook programme some leftovers.

Lately my Mozilla browser keeps crashing and I got tired of mozilla closing every couple of minutes so I fired up Internet Explorer. It was then that I noticed that there are some strange words and symbols that appear on my blog when you used Internet Explorer. I don’t know what to do about it, but I guess I will see how this post turns out when it is typed using Internet Explorer.

This is life my final blog post on this blog. I am yet again moving blogs. Prolly back to a personalized URL, prolly I can’t continue blogging in kayola with all yous. Ya’ll are be touching my White suit with ya greasy fingers. Yes, I am a VIPersonality and I won’t blog anymore in general happiness with yous..

I will figure out a way to let you know when I am up and running. In the meantime I am looking for a designer to whip up a slamming template for me.

Crystal, a White friend with benefits once took me to her company party and there is a way she was eyeballing her married boss and when I asked her why she couldn’t keep her eye on him, she said, “Men in their 30s are attractive.” I BELIEVED HER. This Saturday, I join that club. Yes, I am gonna turn 30 and attractive. So yeah, your crush requests are accepted.

On Saturday still, Afrigo band will be in town. Now I love to support fellow Ugandans and would have sure turned up for that Afrigo concert, but I will be damned if I have to pay $40 for Afrigo band. That’s the cost of a Justin Timberlake concert ticket, and you would imagine what an experience a JT concert is. So Afrigo band just out priced itself out of my attendance.

Anyhow, without wasting anymore of ya time, I here I present you some left overs from this facebook party. I know ya’ll are gonna have such a grand time dissing me, but hey, that was exactly my intention when I dug up and scanned these photos, so bring it on suckers!!!!!



  1. Kenyanchick Says:

    Happy birthday, baby daddy!

    And now I’m torn between the kanzu shot and the Shabba Ranks one for my wallpaper.

    Decisions, decisions…

  2. petesmama Says:

    Enjoy your birthday Nate.

    I’m loving the Shabba Ranks look.

  3. Chane Says:

    I have hahad. Tuvawala but dude you was wat dizzy drop? Crazy cut? Deja crew? or shaba kid?

  4. baz Says:

    A yu Shabba. De pan Mwiri? Massive respek.

    Thirty and attractive, bway? Yeah. Come join the dark side.

  5. Chane Says:

    Happy birthday shaba ranks. Now come here for some suga

  6. Minty Says:

    In fact that forehead had a verandah!
    Happy birthday to you.

  7. Mudamuli Says:

    I love the one of S.3, 1994. It at least looks ko like you now.

  8. lulu Says:

    i finally found you…ayyaaaa, blast fromthe past was realllly a blast for me, if i posted my photos i dont think iwould wanna live another day…eh, nga i looked how?

  9. leos child Says:

    that was funny but shaba ranks was killah!

  10. eddsla Says:

    eh, pips ready to give u sugar…i want to be shaba ranks too

  11. esquire inc. Says:

    its been ages since i came here…but at least am glad i came here to find this as your last post here and you have left with a bang…the pics were amazing!
    And hey Happy happy Birthday but then, 30 is the new 20…so we party like rock stars still…

    You now too rockstar for that kanzu shit…priceless line!

  12. foxylamb Says:

    he proposed, i just had to let u know.holla

  13. aGaTJHpm Says:

    Rye8hE doors2.txt;25;55

  14. Mudamuli Says:

    At the risk of this never being read or responded to, I gave you an Honest Scrap Award. Please check for instructions at mine. Thank you.

  15. Tamzel Says:

    Mudamuli, wah!

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